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Non-Surgical Breast Enhancement

Non-Surgical Breast Enhancement is quick and easy way to improve the appearance of your natural breast without any invasive or surgical procedure. Beauty & Shine in  London  provides a way for women to discretely enhance image of their bust and bottoms.

Our non –surgical protocols are for women of all ages who have recently lost their perks due to child birth, breast feeding and ageing or just feel and are conscious about the size of their breasts and buttocks. Even confidence can play a factor if your boobs are not what you always wish , good news is that if your cups are are half full and you want to do something about it .

You no longer have to choose between full surgery and all the risks and cost associated with surgical procedures or simply stuffing your bra with chicken fillets and suffering in silence.

Non surgical Breast Lift London


Prior to first treatment , initial consultation is mandatory in which a medical history is taken to confirm suitability for treatment, there is also an opportunity for and questions you may have to be answered . Before treatment commences, you must provide a written consent and waiver to proceed.

Your treatment

The treatment combines vacuum suction, massage vibration, micro-current charge. You will be awake during the treatment.

You lie comfortably on a treatment bed and relax. Cups will be placed over your breasts for the duration of the treatment.

The only discomfort that you may experience is due to the vacuum suction. However, we adjust this part of the process to a level that you are comfortable and relaxed with.

The only after effect you may experience are temporary redness around your breasts where the cups have been sat during treatment.

Diet and other factors can affect how long the results lasts for. We will advise you on how to care for your new look.




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