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We’ve all heard about Vajazzling one way or another, read on to get some more info about one of the latest craze!

What is Vajazzling?

It’s the ultimate finishing touch for your Brazilian Wax! Its bling for your thing!

You can now complete your waxing treatments with a super sexy or cute addition Swarovski Bikini Crystal! This will really set off your Hollywood and Brazilian intimate wax.

Once you are hair free and smooth, the Bikini Crystals are placed onto the cleaned and prepared pubic area.
The application only takes a minute! They are then on for up to 6 days with proper aftercare.

Choose from a variety of shapes
to add to your Brazilian Wax for 15.00
Custom Shapes, sayings or monograms available for
additional rates, ask for details/pricing and request upon booking.

The perfect surprise for someone special, spice up special occasions such as Valentines Day & Birthdays or just feel like a million bucks!

We have a wide range of Bikini Crystal designs, each design will last up to 6days.

Vajazzle Types

  • Heart
  • 2 Hearts
  • Key
  • Star
  • Anchor
  • Question mark
  • Angel
  • Vand
  • Cherries
  • and lots more..



Skin Preparation

Ensure the area is clean-shaven or waxed.  We recommend no hair at all! ( If there is no hair the vajazzle can be placed in the middle, where its the safest to be and can lasts longer too.)
Waxing – If you wax, get it done AT LEAST 1 day before so the area is not red and bumpy.
Shaving – Freshly shaved skin is fine to apply the crystals to (If the area isnt irritated or red).  With shaving though the crystals may not last as long, as the hair grows through faster and pushes the crystals off.
It is very important the application area be clean, dry and free from all oils and lotions!

Your therapist will prep the area with alcohol, and dry off then will apply the crystals to the skin.

The crystals should last 2-5 days.

Wear loose clothing around the area where the crystals are applied. Wearing tight fitting clothes will rub the stones off. Loose fitting pants are recommended.

Do not use any body lotions, creams or oils on or around the area, as vajazzle may come off inadvertently.  Also avoid really hot showers, spas as the glue will melt and this means the crystals will fall off.

To remove the crystals, gently peel off in the shower.


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